How to choose a Generator


Selection of a product is a very difficult job. Selecting of the electric generator is also one category out of them. In the market, there are thousands of generators available of top brands like Honda, Champion, WEN, Generac, Briggs & Stratton etc.

If you are planning to buy a generator, this guide will give benefit to you.

How to choose a generator:

Before doing the final selection you have to shorten your list according to power requirement. Don’t worry! We will help you with this. We are hereby going to express different aspects of making your final selection.

  1.  According to Type: Basically, there are two types of generators available.
  2. Portable Generator: As the name already defines everything. This types of generators are easy to carry at different sites. They have mostly powered by gasoline.

When the power goes out, you have to power ON your generator and plug it in your Sub-panel or directly on appliances. These have further broad categories available of Portable Generator.

Portable generators have further two types :

  1. Inverter Generator: Generator that provides clean power and very best for your electronic equipment like cellphone and Laptop etc.
  1. Conventional Generator: They are less in price as compare to the Inverter Generator of the same power.
  2.  Standby Generator: These generators are mostly fixed at one place. They start automatically, at power outage. This type of generators is directly connected with your home’s wiring system.
  3. According to Power requirement:

Never go with the choice of your neighbor or friend. I am saying this because your requirements may be different from your friend or neighbor.  First of all, make a rough estimate of your power requirement.

Appliances Wattage
Refrigerator/Freeze 1400
Toaster 1100-1700
Coffee Maker 400-800
Personal Computer 500-2000
Hair Dryer 1200-1500
Window Air Conditioner 600-1500
Lights 250

After deciding your power requirement, visit a reputed generator reviews website like Generators Expert or CNET. They will help you select the best generator for you. Depending upon on your requirement you can choose one out of these given categories. These categories almost cover all range of generators.

Up to 3500 Watt:

  • Small and Portable
  • Inverter Technology
  • Camping
  • Garage
  • Electronic devices like laptop

4000 to 8000 Watt:

  • Portable
  • Large Inverter
  • Covers almost all your demands at occasional Power Outage

10000 to 17500 or more Wattage:

  • Portable or Standby
  • Just flip one switch and Power your house.
  • Fulfill all your demands including Air Conditioners
  • Industrial generators may be covered in this category also.

I think this is enough to shorten your list. My personal preference is the Honda EU2200I. You can read its detailed review here.


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